Chabrol & Romy

I don’t know where I should post this, nor if I should in the first instance. I’ll try the “asides”, but first I need to understand how they work, don’t I.

Claude Chabrol can focus a moment in the life of burgeosie which is radically different from regular, “normal” behavior. In Innocents with Dirty Hands” (1975), he shows a young beautiful woman change for one second her personality when she attempts to murder her husband with a precise, hard blow. A violence which was there, obviously; but where? The same violence is hidden in Chabrol’s La Ceremonie, where the maid Dirty Hands (Sandrine Bonnaire) explodes, again in a perfect bourgeois upper-class family setting. In “Innocents”, Romy Schneider plays the young woman, and she is absolutely as beautiful as she is untouchable. Her smile is unforgettable. The movie is too complicated, however: the plot has too many turns; but it is still a good film.

Next, I’d like to watch La Piscine (1969) with herself and Alain Delon.

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