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A Year Lived Fully: A Condensed Story of 2016 in Images

So I am rushing a last 2016 post before 2016 actually goes, quite inspired from a post the great cogdog Alan Levine just did… ‘Twas an unbelievable year, 2016. The good thing, great! The bad ones, terrible, including a bad … Continue reading

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I love to read newspapers’ curation

Every day I read newspapers and I love doing so. Usually, I read them in their online editions. Rarely do I buy a paper, except perhaps on particular occasions, like Sundays’ New York Times, for instance. So, I just though … Continue reading

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Closing that internet up in some way.

Wait a minute: Closing that internet up in some way? That [annoying] internet? Paleofuture published this: Anticipating the Worst From Trump, the Internet Archive Is Building a Backup in Canada. We’re losing a lot of people because of the internet,” … Continue reading

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STEMmED People Make Me Proud

Make me proud of the joyful collaborative spirit that produced eight years of extraordinary life. Well, it’s time now to fold our dear project STEMmED (STEM EDucation) which has been running since 2009 in two editions separated by one year … Continue reading

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Theology of The Nonexistent God: Finding He Who Is Not

Fascinating. If finding an existing God already proves difficult to many, imagine a nonexistent one! A whole theology built around a nonexistent god would then seem byzantine at the very least. “The world,” we read in the Gnostic Gospel of … Continue reading

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