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I love to read newspapers’ curation

Every day I read newspapers and I love doing so. Usually, I read them in their online editions. Rarely do I buy a paper, except perhaps on particular occasions, like Sundays’ New York Times, for instance. So, I just though … Continue reading

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Happy Halloween to my students!!

#inf1031 & #inf1038

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Marx, Crime and the Cuckoo

What’s in common between Karl Marx, crime and the cuckoo clock, if anything? Well, there is first this little pamphlet written by Marx himself, titled “In praise of crime”, or something very like this. In it, Marx says that, contrary … Continue reading

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2014 cometh to an end

2014 cometh to an end. Good-bye, 2014. It was a great year, hadn’t it been for the Chikungunya, the rash-arthiritis-fever-weakness illness borne by Aedes Aegypti mosquitoes. They say mosquitoes help diffuse information via viruses. In this case I feel a … Continue reading

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Thoughts from Annie Hall

The Happy Couple: I am shallow and empty and I have absolutely nothing to say! I find it extremely amusing that almost 30 years ago Woody Allen was filming ideas and stereotypes still very much current today. Here is the … Continue reading

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