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#inf115 wrapping up the New Media COVID class

But I am not here to philosophize on theory, but on this particular semester’s practice. We got ourselves into this COVID mess and had literally to evacuate the University on one nice day of March. Just one tiny week after … Continue reading

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The Class of María–A photo-shoot of students

After the hurricane stroke, when we resumed classes in mid October, I decided I would shoot a photo to each student from my inf103 and inf115 classes–that is, to all students who would come one specific day to class. I … Continue reading

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Words of care for us after the (ugly) storm

I found a quote of a haiku from poet Mario Benedetti: Los apagones permiten que uno trate con uno mismo. Which in English would be something like this (lousy translation is mine): Black-outs afford one to deal with oneself. This … Continue reading

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Martha Burtis on Yahoo! Pipes

Last Thursday, March 31st, my students from #nmd2011 and #mcw2011 and I had the pleasure of a beautiful and gracious online class by Martha Burtis from UMW. The class was on Yahoo! Pipes, since I wanted my students to have … Continue reading

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¡Bienvenidas, clases de Informática!

¡Holla! Este es un post de prueba para las clases de Informática. Debe incorporarse automágicamente en el blog de la clase INF103-1 o INF103-8.  Por esta razón tiene ambas etiquetas (tags): inf1031, inf1038. Abrazos.

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