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Boulevard Voltaire, or The Stupidity of Evil

I do not want to write down here the Quran’s quotes on the Paris terrorists’ rationale. But there they are, well styled and well quoted, just like a good scholar would do. But this is not a war of religion. … Continue reading

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The Article That Was Not

The following passage did not exist until now. Yet, it always existed, and even more, it has always been existing in the virtual Library of Babel. This is the realm of all possible books ever written and yet to be … Continue reading

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Where Do I Come From?

In this TED video, Jim Holt, philosopher and author of the book “Why Does The World Exist?“, which I read and loved, says that the God solution to the title riddle is a bit unsatisfactory. Thus, he proposes an intriguingly … Continue reading

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Another (Catholic) case against MOOCs.

On A Catholic Case Against MOOCs by Jonathan Malesic (Chronicle of Higher Education, September 16, 2013). The continuing discussion pro and against MOOCs produced (one year ago) a piece like this, where the case was made of a beneficial disconnect … Continue reading

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Las comillas, ¿un misterio?

Nadie conoce cómo o cuándo utilizar las misteriosas comillas. Quote-unquote, a well-guarded secret. Pronto, un seminario de mejoramiento profesional sobre el tema “Las comillas”, un misterio “?”.

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