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The New Year. Sounds good, from western Puerto Rico.

The new year sounded good from the aquamarine waters of western Puerto Rico, where we had the luck to spend New Year’s Eve. This is the door to tranquillity at Crushboat beach at Aguadilla. And this is the very first … Continue reading

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The Traveling Zenman at Tulane University

It is now when at long last I have some free will to dedicated to my blog. After this morning post about Bill the Kid, I am going to pay tribute to a couple of events I completely avoided talking … Continue reading

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Accidental Tourist

I am not a Newyorker, so everything that happens a Sunday afternoon in Washington Square Park is for me a true happening. Today I got a rich menu: First the Crazy Piano Guy, who placed a Yamaha baby grand just … Continue reading

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Trans Siberian Railway

Image via Wikipedia The mythical Trans Siberian Railway has always had an enormous fascination on me. A railway long 9,259 kilometres, which go through 7 time zones (seven!),  and takes eight days to complete! Moscow-Vladivostok: virtual journey on Google Maps … Continue reading

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Image via Wikipedia What do you want to do? What are the biggest answers? Most important, what are the greatest questions? This is what Elizabeth Gilbert asked herself on her quest which was to bring her to a discovery trip … Continue reading

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