Still more postcards for #care4sagrado

Yes, it’s our last week of class and I am still getting postcards from kind and generous people. There is power everywhere at Sagrado, even though they are checking the air conditioning systems, so not all are functioning. Next week we’ll have exams. At home too, we still have electricity and, after a Sunday morning-long blackout that sort of let us pretty fearful to lose it, we **and all our street** got it back. Note that the rest of our street was left for over 70 days without power (we only got 52 days). OMG. Now we can think about real recovery, even if normalcy is pretty out of sight. My thought goes particularly to the University of Puerto Rico’s Humacao Campus, which is still without power and has to use I believe 7 generators. Their library is closed–think where some students can get their hands on a computer.

But, actually, this time smartphones have been of great help: Wherever institutions set up open WiFi students can get access to the net and do a lot of work on their pocket computers, our friends the cellphones. Yes, I explained to the youngest they can dictate their writings, so the typing problem is solved. That nobody claim we need to ban smartphones from the classroom, ok?

Here are the last three postcards to make it onto my desk, but I am saving a bunch which are already on it, coming all from just one institution where a dear friend is faculty. Next post.

From the University of South Carolina’s Cindy Jennings @cljennings (a person who’s always listening, along with her Twitter profile) we get this message:


Thanks Cindy!!

I have said that I love this bridging the physical space of postcards (mailed through the wonderful, old snail-post-office mail system) and the digital-virtual space of Twitter.

From the Bonnell Family in Colorado we get its beautiful flower, the Aquilegia or Columbie, and great support! Thank you, we do appreciate your message dearly.

A1 A2

Last of today’s treat we have one beautiful card from far away. It comes from South Africa! It was sent by Willie Knoetze (if I spell the last name correctly!) and its message is in Spanish. Thank you so much, dear “eternal student”!! We all are eternal students indeed!   C1 C2

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Thanksgiving post for #care4sagrado postcards

Here’s the last batch of postcards we received for #care4sagrado. Again, thanks are in order! However, I decided to take a lazy attitude during the Thanksgiving weekend and I did mostly only the cooking and the reading.

Here we go, then. This is from Kevin @dogtrax (Massachusetts).

C5-fronte C5

This one was sent by Ron @Ronald_2008 in the Netherlands via the helpful hand of Alan @cogdog. Actually, we’d received his card earlier directly from Holland.



Third comes @cogdog Alan’s own!! And it gives us the dream trip of Route 66! We commented the Route in class, and practically all students knew it and could cite movies on it.

C8-fronteC8Thank you, Alan! It’s worth mentioning that Alan was the instigator of all this #care4sagrado campaign and the very first mailer.

Fourth, from Guernsey (England) we have a computer-produced card by Little Colin @gifadog, and its human owner Mariana @mdfunes!



Thanks to both the human and the doggish identity!

Last but obviously not least is @joefromkenyon Joe Murphy’s from Kenyon College (Ohio). Thanks from the students, Joe!



And this is it for today. Well, actually, that’s not it, since we received a lot of postcards from students of one dear professor in one college… but that’s for the next post(card).

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The Last Living Person on the Planet

It’s the title of a lovely song from Nacho Mastretta. It was originally sung by the wonderful voice of Gema Corredera, but her version is audio only on YouTube.

Here I have two versions. But before enjoying them, I want to share the fine irony of this song’s lyrics. Read this:

El último habitante del planeta
Contó el dinero y se tomó su tiempo
Pensó gastarlo todo en una noche
Para qué lo iba a guardar

Primero ver qué estrenan en el cine
Después mi restaurante favorito,
Buscó en su agenda con una sonrisa,
Para ver a quién llamar

In English:

The last living person of the planet
Counted his money and took his time
He thought to spend it all in one night
Why would he keep it

First let’s see what they premiere at the movies
Then my favorite restaurant,
He searched his contacts with a smile,
To see who to call

Every time I listen to it I can’t hide a smile. In these times of surreal new normal, this is perfect. The first version I propose is quite nice and sung by Milagros Almeida (with Pablo Bronzini at the piano ), and well recorded.

And second comes the version I prefer, with the enigmatic presence of Marlango’s Leonor Watling (from Almodóvar’s Talk To Her/Hable con ella), together with Mastretta. The audio is damaged, and it’s really a pity.

via GIPHY (From Talk to Her)


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The Freedom of the Press Center and Digital Identity


I have a problem when an organization, a person or a company uses its Facebook page as its main digital identity device. First of all when I write an entity’s URL like this

this tells that this is not me, actually, it’s Facebook.

The “natural” way of thing would be, of course, or or, or whatever.

I would have to pay some very little amount of money (yearly) to maintain an identity constructed this way, but it would be transparent payment, made in cash  and not in privacy currency.

The case I found today of an important organization in Puerto Rico, namely the Freedom of the Press Center is serious. A Google search returns 5 results and the Center’s page is the fourth one (it ought to be the first).
Screen Shot 2017-11-19 at 1.23.42 PM
But the second mistake is that the returned page is one on Facebook:

Screen Shot 2017-11-19 at 11.53.20 AM

And the URL is the worst:

Talking about digital identity? This site’s information is old. Like couple of years old. It makes me wonder whether it is still alive.

But, wait.

here’s more. Seen that tiny Webaddress on the right?
Screen Shot 2017-11-19 at 1.34.59 PM

THAT’S IT!!! Well, that would be it… if it worked.

Screen Shot 2017-11-19 at 11.53.40 AM

It’s a powerful metaphor realizing that the Freedom of the Press Center is Not Found.

A quick search on the Wayback machine produces a non-nil page for October 25, 2016. Then, nada. RIP.

Screen Shot 2017-11-19 at 2.43.45 PM

The lesson I’m learning here is this:

  • People have no idea what an URL or Web address is. That’s why I teach it.
  • People prefer the lazy, easy solution of hosting one’s identity within a commercial enterprise to taking care of it through a personal, dedicated website. The amount of work, in the end, is practically the same.
  • People do not understand the dangers of putting oneself (and all one’s data) in the hands of an advertisement enterprise.

Now, Puerto Rico is so damaged and rushing towards a totalitarian regime, that we do need an effective Center for the Freedom of the Press with a strong identity. And we need people to acquire the knowledge and skills that are vital to a sane and safe digital life on the Web.

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Another Puerto Rico Connection

The Puerto Rico Connection **the podcast** has just started up and we already have a few  coincidences from the White House and the media. From Saturday Night Live these two segments show Washington’s renovated interest for Puerto Rico.

Kate McKinnon acting out as Kellyanne Conway is notoriously hilarious, but this segment  is real fun.

Then, this one, with Baldwin-Trump pronouncing the name of the country. I don’t need to say more. Enjoy.

Since the full McKinnon episode is so enjoyable, here it is unabridged.


Now, wait for the second episode of the Puerto Rico Connection–the podcast, because it will be worth the while.

[Featured image–Flickr photo: Connections by deargdoom57. CC-licensed BY]

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