Week’s photo: Hermosura de la santidad

La Hermosura de la Santidad

La Hermosura de la Santidad. Cataño, Puerto Rico. Taken 2018-01-28T15:28:19+00:00



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Week’s photo: Tulane


A bright and cold day in January Taken 2018-01-14T11:08:39+00:00


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Week’s photo: Head, DeYoung Museum

Head, DeYoung Museum
San Francisco & Berkeley 2017
Taken 2017-12-21T17:13:24+00:00

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The abyss and the abyss invoked by the abyss

Sometimes (often, really) we find little gems of text within an already great work of literature. I stumbled in this terrific segment by Writer Gianfranco Garofiglio:


Le cose non esistono se non abbiamo le parole per chiamarle.

Things do not exist if we have no words to call them.

Which can’t but remind of this blog’s lemma,

I write because I don’t know what I think until I read what I say.” –Flannery O’Connor

Indeed, day in and out I am reminded that thoughts are not just abstract entities wandering in the mind, but objects that materialize in a concrete shape only when written down.

In Garofiglio’s novel Le perfezioni provvisorie (Temporary Perfections in English; Las perfecciones provisionales in Spanish), there is this wonderful quote that literally left me breathless:

«Chi è costei che sorge come l’aurora,
bella come la luna, fulgida come il sole,
terribile come schiere a vessilli spiegati?».
–Cantico dei Cantici 6, 10

Who is she that looketh forth as the morning, fair as the moon, clear as the sun, and terrible as an army with banners?
–Song of Solomon 6:10 (Canticle of Canticles)

¿Quién es ésta que se muestra como el alba,
Hermosa como la luna,
Esclarecida como el sol,
Imponente como ejércitos en orden?
–Cantar de los Cantares de Salomón

So, I discovered that the same verses were quoted in Umberto Eco’s The Name of The Rose.

Ma chi era costei, che sorgeva davanta a me come l’aurora, bella come la luna, fulgida come il sole, terribile come un esercito schierato in battaglia.
Temevo di essere preda del demonio, il quale sa bene come afferrarti l’anima e illudere il corpo. E poi, capii l’abisso e l’abisso invocato dall’abisso. Mi resi conto che avevo peccato.

(Google Translate does a nice job): I was afraid of being prey to the devil, who knows how to grab your soul and delude your body. And then, I understood the abyss and the abyss invoked by the abyss. I realized that I had sinned.

I understood the abyss and the abyss invoked by the abyss. Wow, the use of metatext.

Flickr photo: Abyss, by lucyroo.

[Featured and above image: Flickr photo – Abyss, by lucyroo. CC-Licensed, BY-NC]

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PR Connection Podcast: Episode Four

Now that Alan and friends (see bottom of post…) are very busy in Guadalajara doing murals and tacos and working breathlessly with the faculty at UdG, I think I can really take the chance to publish our latest (fourth) episode of the Puerto Rico Connection podcast before he does!!

{Elaboration from the poster of the film “Twenty Feet From Stardom”}

Of course it was a pleasure to spend half an hour with him talking about the stuff we like to talk about and then to set up a TapeWrite episode. As always with TapeWrite you have to edit a series of cards that are attached to single moments of time of the recorded audio. Then you search for media, tweets, photos etc. to complement the audio. It’s some work but a lot of fun also. So Alan set up the recording: he included in fact the usual starting and ending music for our podcast and then I uploaded it onto TapeWrite and then did the work that you can see embedded here and hear through the platform.

I’m not going to repeat here the fun things we discussed in the episode. But, like immediately apparent from the episode poster, some thing must be said on the self-imposed 20-minute limit we are trying to stick to. It’s difficult, and at the same time hopefully will allow for some little more control on the episodes.

Alan and I discussed the opportunity to continue doing the podcast with a simpler work schedule. I mean, using TapeWrite is certainly a great thing in that you complement the audio with open Web media; still this editing may add delays in the publishing time. Also in order to be enjoyed, a TapeWrite podcast needs be listened to as well as watched, thus limiting access to it. I mean, I couldn’t view it while driving, could I.

I would like personally to explore the audio-only media affordances, and I think Alan agrees to play along, so we may end up using simply Soundcloud or other tools to publish our future episodes. Like Anchor, which I just came to notice, a nice tool to record episodes directly from a smartphone and push them straight to the distributing channels like Soundcloud or iTunes.

One way or the other I love the idea of periodically get together over the air with Alan and talk about things we enjoy and I’m really thankful for the opportunity to explore the podcast medium with him!

I am closing this by pointing already to our fifth episode which we recorded from Guadalajara itself (a spirited conversation with Alan, Brian Lamb and Grant Potter), and which will be published soon.

[Featured Image: Puerto Rico Connection, by Alan Levine]

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