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Bible Science

Love the “Prophetically Correct” notice. Guess one of the various Trump-candidates could adopt it as a campaign slogan.

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This photo has attracted my attention, even if I didn’t enjoy the movie much. Wondering what the lady on the right of this picture (which is the left of James Bond) is doing? With all that’s happening at the London … Continue reading

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Brian Lamb‘s tweet of today opened up a full load of awesome animated GIFs. I cannot restrain myself to celebrate a few of them, and make myself a great stealer… So, enjoy the coming weekend with some Classic Films from … Continue reading

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Cocaine (toothache drops)

This is why blogging is so much fun. While reading Umberto Eco‘s latest novel, The Prague Cemetery, I learn that cocaine drops where used in the late 1800’s to calm toothache and earlier as a tonic. In the book, there’s … Continue reading

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Not your typical rock concert

Even though agnostic writers of the caliber of Nobel Prize winner Mario Vargas Llosa applauded the recent World Youth Days kermesse that was held in Madrid a few days ago, I am really quite of the opposite view. Not for religious … Continue reading

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