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The 72 Names of Qadafi, Gadafi, Gadhafi?

Tweet Czar or Tzar? Asked Woody Allen, or The 72 Names of God Gaddafi. The Kabbalah (Or Qabbala?) tells about the 72 names of God. From varios US-Canada-UK Press we infer there must be at least so many names for … Continue reading

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Cocaine (toothache drops)

Tweet This is why blogging is so much fun. While reading Umberto Eco‘s latest novel, The Prague Cemetery, I learn that cocaine drops where used in the late 1800′s to calm toothache and earlier as a tonic. In the book, … Continue reading

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(anti)Pirates of the Caribbean

Tweet When my friend Marisol replied to my previous post on Almodóvar and his tontería about piracy and illegal downloads, she quoted a website with these words: http://popuppirates.com/ “Online piracy isn’t about altruism, it’s about income. ” “It’s difficult enough … Continue reading

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Welcome back, Skate

Tweet Over one month from my last post. Hmmm. It has been a hell of a month. I have been working day and night to put together a new Grant for the US Dept. of Education, which went out last … Continue reading

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Humanistic Provocationz

Tweet I have tried lately to read Shakespeare, and found it so intolerably dull that it nauseated me. – Charles Darwin I was lately thinking of the importance of reading, being myself an avid reader: of both stories and essays, … Continue reading

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