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I’m enjoying some resting time away from office, students and all. So, I can’t help enjoying this unsplash.com site, where free Hi Res photos get published every week, with no restraining their use. Power to the people! This one is … Continue reading

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A Portrait Every Year (or every day)

This is tear-bringing. Smile-inducing. Sweet. The Brown sisters have a photo portrait of them taken every year for forty years. A splendid, heart warming, light collection. On the New York Times: Go see it.   Not exactly a new idea, … Continue reading

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Plaza de Toros

The roads on the Internets are infinite. A simple question lingered on myself, which Hilda promptly answered. Were there bullfight arenas in Puerto Rico in the past? With real corridas? –Yes, she said. I remember one in Isla Verde, she … Continue reading

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Power of Photo and Hair

A glimpse of this iconoclastic photo triggered today a remembrance of how much I liked Helmut Newton’s powerful photo style in the 80’s. Now, I’m reminded of the model, Elsa Peretti, whom was a top-model at the time and is … Continue reading

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I Love Babylon

Plaque with face of the demon Humbaba | Babylonian | Old Babylonian | The Metropolitan Museum of Art I love Babylon. This image, together with 400,000 more is available as a free resource for non-commercial use. Here.

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