The World Is Flat

Welcome to the new Skate header! I’ve been thinking about this shot for some time, because I realized Blake Edwards came out with the idea of The World is Flat much before Friedman. The Party, a film with a brilliant, genius-like Peter Sellers portraying an Indian invited at a big Hollywood party, was perhaps the movie that introduced Sellers to me –I watched it when i was a kid, and I clearly remind almost breaking a chair with all the laughing.

The Party, Peter Sellers and Claudine Longet (dir. Blake Edwards, 1968)

So, let’s party with the new “World Is Flat” theme for Skate of the Web! In fact, I love this title sure enough, because it’s a truism (of course, the world is flat, dear!) and its opposite is also very true.

So, fortunately (and unfortunately) the world ain’t flat at all, even though occult forces try and homigenize it as we speak. Brrrr!

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