Women on fire

I’m writing this on 8 March 2022. Women’s day.
I was surprised by the response from my students, who couldn’t be more detached from this date. Some from the feminine aisle said this was to be after all a day like all. I can’t avoid being a little cynical here. When I was their age (that’s a perilous route) I was on the streets with them all.
Then listen to Because the Night and ask, why am I embedding this song here? But because it’s a matter of words. It’s what happens Under Your Command, as Patti Smith sings. Why she was under somebody’s command, I asked the adolescent myself a lot of years ago. Why? That’s the statement, it’s when I want, stupid, she replied.

Women’s day is perhaps transfixed as another Valentine, stripped of all its potency. Conferences on “Women’s role in the Fight against COVID”. No please, that’s not it. Nor is it to be “Commemorating the International Women’s Day”. Words: You don’t want to commemorate this day, as if it were dead. You want to party, sing, dance, march and ask why you still need to do it.
So, here is the GIF.
Women on Fire, a Gif from the Film

Women on Fire, a Gif from the Film

Then I close. Dream, and be powerful. Hope you’ll be always on fire.

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