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The news have spread about the next merger between e-learning giants Blackboard and Web CT. I like Pittinsky‘s views and his company, but cannot yet decide whether this will have a good or bad effect on e-learning users and developers. Beware of monopolies, I say to myself! The mammoth company will hardly have competitors, but thousands of captive clients, who are not that happy already. Certainly, I keep my stakes with Moodle, the Open Source platform which is probably better than both. A lot of Universities, in the States, Europe and beyond are switching or at least considering a possible change. Martin Dougiamas, Moodle’s creator and lead developer, was just thinking out aloud all the good things they could be doing with Moodle if they had BB’s resources… But still, Moodle is a remarkable learning product, and so seems to think faculty from all over the world.

Read the nice article on Moodle published by the Guardian (UK): Please, Sir, Can We Have Some More?

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