HigheredBlogCon(ference) & Nomadic Desktops

I got to see the site of the Higher Education Blog Conference HigherEdBlogCon(ference)which will be held on-line this April, 2006. The idea is to explore ways of use of blogs (and related social tech’s) in education. The initiative is excellent, and I’m looking forward to participating. Among the presentations which will be offered, one is quite particular to me: Nomadic Desktops: What? How? Why? by Owen James. The concept of Nomadic Desktop refers, according to James, to the facility of moving around and having at one’s fingertips the needed information always available, via Web. It is the concept of “virtual” desktop, always available. And it is a great concept, in need of a good design and implementation. While there is nothing (that I know of) quite like it in its fullest sense, James’ site and presentation show a number of services which go in that direction. Instead of listing them here, I will only point to James’ suprglu idea and his site, full of ideas and tools, and… let’s have a good time!

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