Ruby Thursday (on Rails)

The virtual symposium HigherEdBlogCon has ended a few days a go. Its was an excellent event, featuring a series of blog-based seminars on the various facets of blog use or construction in and for education (see a past entry).

One of the last presentations was in a track on web development, and it dealt with Ruby, the programming language used to develop AJAX pages. A most interesting development of Ruby is the so-called Ruby on Rails, and the presentation title describes it best –The Fast Track to Agile Web Apps: Best Practices for Higher Ed Web Development on Rails. The presentation only lasts half an hour, and it is worth the while. Ruby on Rail: Web development that doesn’t hurt can be found here (

Those who’d like to comment on HigherEdBlogCon 2006 can do so at, or prepare for the 2007 edition at

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