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Well, that was not enough. In terms of information, there are two or three new services from Google Labs that really stand out.

First, the Google Related Links that one might post on one site, which open up a series of worthy doors to explore, with links dynamically presented which are connected with one’s site.

Second, and this might be useful to researchers, there is Google Trends. Suffice it to digit “Arts, Science” into its box, and one gets a graphical comparison of the two searches. What is people more interested with: arts or science? One would discover that in th US and Italy and most western world, it is Arts. In India, though, it’s Science!

Third, there is Google Co-op: “a platform which enables you to use your expertise to help other users find information.” Thus, I might just get a chance to contribute my knowledge for your searches! This sounds like tapping from human knowledge. I haven’t analyzed it yet, though, so I’ll post on this again, with more information.

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