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The whole world is talking about Wikipedia‘s new restraints it placed upon its articles on “human rights in China”, Albert Einstein and others. The restraints last only a few days (a newcomer has to wait for some four days before (s)he may edit these “protected” entries. It does not surprise, then, if somebody is saying Wikipedia to be going towards the edited, authoritative model of a classic encyclopedia: “To say that great work can be created by an army of amateurs with very little control is a distortion of what Wikipedia really is,” they say, as reported by a New York Times article of June 17: “Growing Wikipedia Revises Its ‘Anyone Can Edit’ Policy” by Katie Hafner. However, Wikipedia is working quite well with its model, in which some 1,000 core authors write up the majority of articles. Wikipedians contend each article’s accuracy tends to grow “organically” and esponentially. ‘Nature’ has reported that only a minimal difference exists between Wikipedia’s accuracy and the Encyclopaedia Britannica‘s.

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