Publishing 101

To publish my last post I did the following:
one) While reading Piscitelli’s article I used Google Notebook to save a clipping of the article. This is quite useful because I then have a note available whenever wherever. two) I then opened up another Firefox extension: the great Performancing, which is both a note editor (it saves to local drive only) and a blog editor. So, three) I composed my own post by editing the Google Notebook clippings within Performancing. four) At last I pushed the post button and voilá. The image also got posted without problems. Thus, I’m using two tools, when I should actually be using only one. Why? Well, first Google Notebook does not provide for blog posting. I could use Google’s Docs instead (which does provide a tool to post a document to a blog), but it somehow doesn’t seem straightforward. Are there more versatile tools that perhaps combine the fuinctionalities of the two? I think Performancing is great but it doesn’t save to the Web. Ah! Owen James’ idea of Nomadic Desktop!

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  1. Millie Commander says:

    Thanks for the information on Google Notebook. I installed it and will try it.

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