Hasta la Vista

I want Vista out of my PC and XP back in, but how? – CNET Community Newsletter: Q&A Forums
This is the question. Now, as many will find out, there is a surprsingly difficult answer: many Vista users cannot go back to XP in their *new* computer because the XP license (on the *old* computer is likely non-transferable). Thus, they need to buy (sic!) a *new* license to XP. Even if they could transfer their license, it is reportedly difficult to hack one’s way into using XP’s recovery disks that were made for machine A, into machine B.
If all this seems a bit medieval, well it is. It is also sad that people are finding Vista less appealing and -most important-  buggy and difficult to use (especially with third-party products, whose software may not be up to date for it). How is it possible that an operating system (such as Vista) is released when not all peripherals and other software products are not yet ready (compatible) for it (and possibly may never be)?

The easy answer, if one is willing to let go of Vista and explore other latitudes, may be to install Ubuntu Linux. It’s free, open license: no licenses need to be asked. What is Ubuntu? The answer in a next post.

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