Future of Education, June 4-8

Coincidences do not exist, but DigiZen just published a post on a free conference that must be reposted as widely as possible.

From the University of Manitoba’s Conference on the Future of Education, June 4-8. On-line conference, free access, get on board!

The Future of Education is an online conference exploring trends impacting education – K-12, higher education, and corporation training.

An international panel of leading thinkers and visionaries will present on topics such as knowledge and authority, technology and art, and complexity science. Daily live discussions (which will be recorded) will be held June 4 – 8. Keynote presenters are listed below. In addition to daily keynote presentations, a series of excellent 20 – 30 minute presentations will address how various experts perceive tomorrow’s education system and processes.View the Schedule of Presentations for correct times.

To extend the live presentations, we will hold ongoing discussion in Moodle – allowing conference attendees to participate actively in the conference.”

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