Back from my trip! Sorry for the minor disappointment of Skate’s blackout for over one month… :-)!

The trip was great, a good space for the whole Athabasca family… around British Columbia, up to Alaska (just a tip of its southern part, though), but north enough to have sunlight till 10:30 in the evening. We saw bears Bear(in the photo, a grizzly just crossing the road ahead of us) and lakes and glaciers and snow. We had a very flat tire at 2300 m. with a great fog and a glacier on the right side (the wrong one!) of the small snowy road (that was in Alaska). We managed to change the tire thanks to a few (very few) passersbys who helped us find how to unlock the spare tire on our rented Trailbalzer. But we also saw great cities (Seattle and Vancouver), mountains (the Canadian Rockies around the Banff National Park), and a charming, sun-warmed wine region: the Okanagan,Okanagan apparently the new Napa of North America. Ah! Canadians are great people: we love them, always nice, smile-ready and without traces of paranoia.

It was a good trip, albeit expensive, given that the Canadian dollar is practically equal to the US dollar, and prices still reflect the older exchange rate: for instance gasoline was around CAN $1.13 a liter! Which might mean US $1.11!

It also included a Harry Potter seven(th book) Party at midnight of July 20th, in Prince George. And a bear-sighting boat expedition up fjords and calm and cold seas around Prince Rupert, on the west coast, some 30 miles south of Alaska.

I am organizing the photos…

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