Fake Steve

I came late to the phenomenon of Fake Steve (The Secret Diary of Steven Jobs). It seems everybody was reading it (including, so it seems, Bill Gates, and the very Steve). Thinking about it, I find it awesome how the world found interest in the writings of somebody who impersonated (in writing…) Steve Jobs (but made all aware he wasn’t). Evidently, he (the secret guy who just came out a few days ago) is writing sensible stuff. That’s OK.

Now, the blog keeps real, though. A real blog by a fake Jobs. The “world” has thus discovered the joker behind the Fake Steve blog, and keep reading his blog! Awesome. This may mean that a personality just like Steve Jobs, with the modifications suggested by this guy, was perhaps needed. There is an aphorism… If he didn’t exist, it’d have to be invented.

In fact, Fake Steve had something to say, of course, on Elton John’s weird comments on the Internet, which is precisely the subject of the next post, in which I’ll try and make a connection between Elton John and Manuel Castells.

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