Quarterlife & HalfTV

Interesting stuff happening at the intersection of Web technology and TV. Two top tv and film producers (Marshall Herskovitz and Edward Zwick) are going to launch shortly a new Internet series called Quarterlife on MySpace, which will show the lives of people who have just come out of college and are fighting their entrance in the work arena. MySpaceTV will “broadcast” each new episode of 8 minutes each. The day after, the same episode will be shown also on the companion site, quarterlife.com. The website is going to create a social network for people aged 20-40 to share creative materials and ideas which may be later put on the show. It premieres on MySpace November 11th, and on quarterlife.com November 12th. The series will show the same quality (technical if not artistic) of regular TV shows, and is the first to be produced especially for the Web. The NY Times wrote about it recently: read Show Series to Originate on Myspace and watch the trailer.

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