Online Collaborative Integration: Working Across Disciplines

Online Collaborative Integration: Working Across Disciplines


Starts: May 21, 2008, [Wed] 01:00 PM Eastern (EDT)
Ends: May 21, 2008, [Wed] 02:00 PM Eastern (EDT)

Session Description

Join Janet Salmons and Lynn Wilson, editors of the forthcoming Handbook of Research on Electronic Collaboration and Organizational Synergy, for a lively conversation!

Janet and Lynn will present their Collaborative Integration Paradigm and discuss examples of online collaboration in educational or workplace contexts. The Collaborative Integration Paradigm offers a conceptual framework for exploring fundamental questions about the collaborative process:

* Why do people collaborate online?
* Who are the collaborative partners (individuals or organizations)?
* How do they communicate and organize collaborative work processes?
* To what degree does their individual work mesh to create collective outcomes?

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