Israelis and Palestinians: a story

{From the New York Times} Palestinians and Israeli computer gurus from both sides of the West Bank developed the idea of, a virtual Web-based desktop computer. Through a Web browser it is possible, in fact, to have a full interface to this computer’s power, without owning any hardware or software, and to its programs and without being tied to its physical location. This is neither the first nor the only effort to build a virtual computer on the Web, but it is certainly the most globalization-aware. Located in the Middle East, their computing power comes from paying the small fees of Amazon Web Services, the outsourcing of small computing (or storage) needs from wherever to Amazon’s on-demand services. Great ideas, ugly world.

Photo from the New York Times.

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  1. Wait, is this G.ho.s.t. program like a proxy or something? I really dont get it.

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