Starting up with Connectivism & Connective Knowledge – The Course

Connectivism & Connective Knowledge

The CCK08 course (dubbed the Massively Open Online Course) is about to begin next week. Hosted and led by George Siemens and Stephen Downes (both from Canada, a country I love!), this will be a feat and a feast with over 1,600 participants from all over the world. The main theme will be Connectivism, of course, but from the course’s weekly menu I’m seeing intriguing stuff on Complexity & Chaos, Epistemology, and teacher role, all in the context of networks and their technologies -especially Web 2.0. I posted my first entry on the course Forum (guess what, a Moodle course!), and checked the G-map of the course participants.

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Already met a few colleagues! I just hope I can manage all this work considering my classes, the Teaching Online which begins by the end of September, and the rest!

In any case, I’ll be using this blog to share with fellow students (and everybody else…) everything CCK08!

PS> I’m looking forward to seeing what I’ll manage to do with Twitter!

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  1. Hey – glad to hear you’re starting to form some connections. With a course this size, i’m a bit concerned about how people begin to form relationships. Connections are obviously the starting point of learning…but we don’t need any connections, we need specific connections that serve our interests, needs, and goals.

    Enjoy the course :).


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