2008 report on corruption perception: Transparency International

Transparency International

Transparency International just published its 2008 report on corruption perception across the globe.
Let’s see.
First, the obvious: the First First World scores great. Denmark is Number One (9.3 points / 10) and New Zealand is Number Two. Sweden, Singapore, Finland closely follow. I don’t know if the following are good news or not, but sure they are interesting enough and sometimes shocking. First is the fact that Saint Lucia, an isle-nation in the Caribbean gets the 21st position, just behind the USA, 18th. Then, Chile is 23rd ex aequo with France and Uruguay. Spain is 28th, and Puerto Rico is 36th with 5.8 points.By the 20th position I’d say that problems are more or less evident. So it is not shocking at all to see Italy in the 55th position with 4.8 points! Poor Italy! How sad is this: a rich country with tremendous potential and a highest standard of living ruined by bad politicians.
Then there’s the catastrophe, or, as Transparency says, an humanitarian disgrace: Colombia is 70th, Mexico 72nd, Brazil 80th, the Dominican Republic, 102nd and Argentina, 109th! Follow in the abyss many countries of Asia and Africa, sadly.
Oh People, what are gonna do about this.

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