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Mozilla Labs » Announcing the Extend Firefox 3 Contest Winners

Some exciting Firefox Extensions have been announced lately. Here are those coming from the FF3 Contest. My favorite is Read it Later, an add-on that lets me save pages of interest (those I don’t want to bookmark) and sync them with the computers I am using. Nice interface. I was using Instapaper, but Read It Later’s good integration with FF is making me change my mind. Instapaper has, however, a simplicity that captivates me. My next favorite is likely to be Fire.fm, the integration with last.fm’s services, which promises to have me listen to the music I loke most and share it as well as find friends’ selection.

Another good list is the FF Recommended Add-ons. Here, my favorite is the ScribeFire Blog Editor, which lets me post to blogs (like now)
from a Web page withing my browser. I can choose which blog to post to,
and it also lets me take and store notes. The other favorite is Cooliris, a photo 3D interface to view photos in a stunning way.

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