Firefox Extensions: Ubiquity

I’m going to talk about a few Firefox extensions that I find very useful and intriguing. The first comes from Mozilla Labs: Ubiquity.

Mozilla Labs » Blog Archive » Introducing Ubiquity

Ubiquity 0.1

* Lets you map and insert maps anywhere; translate on-page; search amazon, google, wikipedia, yahoo, youtube, etc.; digg and twitter; lookup and insert yelp review; get the weather; syntax highlight any code you find; and a lot more. Ubiquity “command list” to see them all.
* Find and install new commands to extend your browser’s vocabulary through a simple subscription mechanism
* Read about Ubiquity In Depth, or see a number of the commands in action (with screenshots) in the Ubiquity Tutorial.

It’s awesome! See the video presentation from Aza Raskin

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