My Firefox Extensions

My Firefox Extensions are a delicious addition to my daily Web life. Let’s see (in order of preference/deliciousness):

  1. Feedly (a magazine-like interface to Google Reader, the best aggregator in town!)
  2. ScribeFire – Blogging from whatever webpage, or notes
  3. Snowl – a river of news RSS aggregator
  4. Gmail manager
  5. Delicious!
  6. DashBlog – to grab and post videos etc.
  7. – to listen to a music compilation which tunes to my mood/preferences
  8. TwitterFox – Twitter in the browser: beautiful to be informed in real time; also  Feedly allows to Tweet in-context!
  9. Read it Later – That very useful of functions!
  10. Ubiquity – Last only because I’m just starting to use it; a command-line interface to mashups. Great idea.

Shortly here: a detailed post on Feedly. Stay tuned.

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Professor, web2.0 enthusiast, and didactic chef.
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