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Sclipo: broadcast your skills

What is Sclipo?
Sclipo is a social learning network. Sclipo offers a revolutionary way to learn online by integrating rich educational applications – such as video and webcam – into a true social network platform.

As a member, you will be able to:
/> Create your own Academy, where you can publish and promote your educational content.
/> Add educational videos, as many as you want.
/> Take and receive take personalized, live classes through our Web Classroom. All classes are recorded, so you can review them as often as you want.
/> Connect with other members, by sending messages, commenting, evaluating, etc.
/> Make money, by charging for teaching personalized live webcam classes through SclipoLive.
And soon you will be able to share any type of educational content, such as documents, images and audio.

Nice work! The Open University of Catalonia (UOC) has been using Sclipo to host its 5th International Seminar “Fighting the digital divide through education“. All the presentations will be available to view here.

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Professor, web2.0 enthusiast, and didactic chef.
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