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Atheist bus: 'Sleep in on Sunday morning' adverts banned

After the British “Atheist Bus” initiative (a media campaign conceived by Richard Dawkins), now also Washington, DC has a similar bus ad, brought to you by the American Humanist Association: Why believe in a god? – American Humanist Association. The Spaniards follow, with a theme which is the direct translation of the British one (see

Campanya Bus Ateo / Bus Ateu (Madrid)

In Italy, an analogous campaign is starting in Genova (it couldn’t in Rome, could it?) with a funny statement: “The bad news is God doesn’t exist. The good news is, you don’t need him.”

It is sad, however, that a similar initiative has been stopped in Australia, since a major ad network refused to run it.

Spot sull'ateismo, anche a Genova i bus che promuovono l'inesistenza di dio

Bus with Tail ad, 16th and U NW

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