Twitter as Courseware

Unit Structures – Twitter as Courseware

Fred Stutzman posted a good thought on the effect Twitter is having on courseware. He considers that Twitter has replaced the traditional listserv or mailing list, and the classic email announcement: when he wants to post something he Tweets. I’d add Twitter also replaces the (sometimes) annoying odd email with a PowerPoint “save the world” or humor slideshow. People post their slideshow on slideshare or other presentation service, and link to it in a Twitter (or blog) post.

But also, says Stutzman,

twitter has replaced the cardboard box i used to bring to class on due dates. in the past, my students would print out their papers and bring them to class; i’d collect them in a box and take them back to the office to grade. these days, my students write blogs, design flickr sets, upload video, and post works-in-progress. when finished, they tweet about it so that i – and, more importantly, their peers – can check it out.

The more I use it, the more I enjoy using Twitter!

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