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I just stumbled by chance into Zemanta. The name Zemanta implies some level of Semantic Web, so I was intrigued and installed a Firefox extension. What happened then? Actually, I almost forgot it. Suddenly, when I opened the WordPress editor to write a new post in this blog, some boxes opened, like the one on the right in the picture below. This box suggested images (somehow related to my writings) I might want to add into the post. For instance, in the post on Twitter, Zemanta suggested (obviously) a picture from Twitter’s logo. But on a post on the movie “The Diving Bell and the Butterfly” it actually suggested the film’s poster. Zemanta also helps to put links where needed. While writing this, it suggested linking the words Zemanta (sure!), Twitter, etc.


Zemanta also suggests possible related article one may want to quote, and tags to attach to a post. At the end of this post I included a couple of articles on Zemanta, provided contextually by Zemanta itself. Talking about recursiveness…

So far, it seems a precious utility, and very pleasant! Congratulations to Zemanta’s developers! Ah! I almost forgot… it adds a small word “REBLOG” at the end of a post, so that readers may find easy to quote and repost your own writing.

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