Freedom from the Clown!

It is sad, these days, to see El País, Spain’s major international newspaper, publishing not only the “innocent” photos of Berlusconi’s nude parties in Sardinia, but a full section in Italian. The section in Italian means only one thing: in Italy there is not currently a real freedom of the Press. Italians cannot see the famed pictures on their own newspapers, and the Premier has said he will sue El País! The majority of media in Italt are owned by the Premier (an unbelievable fact in itself, not allowed in any western ccountry), and those who are not, suffer a severe pressure from him and his media.
How is it possible that so many educated people may elect such a fraud, whom the Times labels “The Clown”? How is it that many people in Italy still believe in him? Believe in what?
All this just a few weeks before the G8 meeting at L’Aquila and on the very day of EU’s Parliament elections!

I am Italian and Berlusconi is not my Premier.

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