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Using Scribe Posts on Class Blogs | The Edublogger

Sue Waters, in Edublogger, writes about Scribe Posts in educational blogs. Since the idea of Scribe Posts is just like the way I ask each student to post, in turn, an article on the last class, I find it very inspiring to see other people’s motivations behind similar ideas.

What are Scribe Posts?

How it works is a different student is responsible for posting a summary of what happened in class each day and at the end of their post the scribe nominates the scribe for the next day.

BTW, students attach a task-specific tag to their posts, so that, later, we can search and find all the reflections on classes.

Another similar task I assign my students is to post a reflection on the class itself (tagged “reflexion”), as well as a final evaluation. They love it, and it seems to augment their commitment to the class.

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