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Binoche, naked for ‘Playboy’ · ELPAÍS.comBinoche

For some reason I must have thought a “serious” and “intellectual” actress wouldn’t be interested in modeling naked for Playboy. Well, I am often mistaken, and this time the proof comes from an old number of El Pais, in which there’s the news of nude Binoche portraits being published precisely on Playboy. Almost every actress gets published nude on some magazine, but she is not “any” actress as well as Playboy isn’t “some” magazine.

Of course, to celebrate one’s body is extraordinary. Euphoria from publishing must also be a potent drug. On the other hand, why would she not?

We are left with the voyeurism of looking at her.

“In the photos my body is seen in a different way, as though they also showed the soul. We are used to separating the body from the spirit, or the body from emotions,” she says.

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