TEDxNYED, the Videos and the Discussion

TEDxNYED: Independently organized TED event

Examining the role of new media and technology in shaping the future of education

Andy Carvin
Michael Wesch
Henry Jenkins
Lawrence Lessig
Jeff Jarvis
George Siemens

Those were some of my heroes lined up at TEDxNYED, the independent TED event held in NYC, on March 6, 2010, a beautiful if cold spring day. Now all the videos are online, on TEDxNYED’s YouTube channel.

But that’s not all. There’s a discussion channel opening up:

There will be 30 minute synchronous conversations on each of the 14 videos via our Twitter hashtag, #tedxnyed.

There will be one discussion for each speaker. This will begin this Wednesday, April 21st at 12pm EST. To learn when the conversations will be held, click on the following link.


Also, feel free to comment asynchronously on the YouTube videos and in our Facebook page. Check out (and update) this great TEDxNYED Reflections wiki.

Indeed, the meeting in New York was a magnificent occasion to say hello to some of the most influential people in the realm of education, media & the new Web. Now, this occasion is being continued on the same Web. Participate & enjoy!

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