Belle de jour During the day Laura was a successful law-practitioning student. During the night she became Eve, a sexy escort. The 28-year-old Scottish girl was found dead in her luxury flat in London, apparently from a drug and alcohol cocktail. Her story is that of hundreds of girls. Depression, drugs and a double life.

What happened to Laura? What moves a beautiful girl to live a double life? Money, power and high-octane living, for sure. What else? Boredom, perhaps. An upbringing where everything was admissible?

Who will remember Laura?
I find stories like this fascinating in their extreme sadness. Being a father, I can’t avoid being worried. What is it that makes the fatal click, in some people?

The sadness of this story lies in the loneliness of Laura and the girls like her. Alone, like we all are, but more alone than most, very much alone: somebody must have left her alone that way. Somebody must have given her all those false hopes, if she built her life around a lie. Lies bring to desperate solitude.

{In the picture, Catherine Deneuve in Luis Buñuel’s film Belle de Jour}

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