UPR Strike

What is your point, Gobernador? Tell the people your government had told them UPR would have to return the millions in Pell grant dollars to the federal government? That your alibi is the litany that there’s no money? That this fake logic compels you to withdraw funds from UPR?

I cannot really believe all this. Your government (let’s be frank, UPR’s president has no real power nor personality) cannot hold a “minuscule group” of students? Your government could not negotiate some of the  demands which were asked of you, but was forced to lose millions instead?

Why has not UPR undergone instead a real, serious, effective reform? This you call reform? Why don’t we evan plan to have a country-wide systemic education system that includes everyone and *all* universities?

Governor, the San Juan Police Department (we used to call it the PR Police!) has already been brilliant in its defense of your democracy (but not of your language). They have defended the UPR campus against unarmed, flower-handling students, who have even been sued!

They are a minuscule group of students (together with a not-so-minuscule group pf UPR Faculty) who hold your government tight, the unique and only expression of opposition to you in the country. They have been brave but firm and civic. Yes, perhaps confused. But hey, this is the people, your people. The people are not a uniform body with just one voice and automaton-like personality. We, the people, are diverse. And so are the students. Whom you must listen to and negotiate with. I don’t like either when the doors to one campus are closed. They must stay open.

Someone put up a sign that reads:

You may cut all the flowers, but will never eradicate spring”

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