Did you enjoy being violent?

Yes, answers Noomi Rapace, Swedish Noomi, Lisbeth per sempre "Ma a Hollywood non la  rifarò"star of the filmed trilogy Millennium. Here’s a nice interview with her, by UK’s Absolute Radio.
Noomi interpreted Millennium’s noir hero Lisbeth Salander, a violent hacker with unusual computing experience and a woman with a past as victim of violence. The original title of the first novel was in fact “Men who hate women”, which in the English-speaking world has been retitled as “The girl with the Dragon Tattoo“, a much less powerful title (of which I wrote previously in this blog: The Philosopher’s Stone).

Well, of course Hollywood is producing a remake of at least the first movie, and even famed actresses were denied the role for being unfit to play the part of Lisbeth convincingly. However, what is the need of a remake and so soon?

Now Noomi is at Venice Film Festival to market her latest film, Beyond, directed by Bergman’s Pernilla August (Fanny & Alexander), best known as Shmi Skywalker in the Star Wars prequels.

Noomi is radiant and beautiful also out of her Lisbeth role. She rules the screen.

Noomi Rapace: Interview

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo – Official Trailer [HD]

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