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El Nuevo Día published the 2010 world Universities Ranking 2010 in this article of 9 Sept. 2010, in which it says the first Latin American University to make an appearance on the List is the UNAM, Univeridad Autónoma de México. According to this ranking, first Universities are Cambridge, Harvard and Oxford, followed by UK and US colleges and some Australian and European institutions.

Before writing on a few noticeable rankings, I’d like to establish some noteworthy facts:

  1. Lists are wonderful, but inherently limited. They don’t speak all the truth;
  2. El Nuevo Día, following a malpractice among fellow newspapers, publishes the article without one single link pointing outside, or to quoted work. Up with the Web!! Do they know what is it? Do current journalism know what the Web is?
  3. The respected Times of London has repeatedly commissioned the World Univerities Ranking to the consulting foirm QS, which has published the 2010 ranking all by itself. The Times Higher Education says it “has ended its partnership with its former data supplier QS and has signed an agreement with Thomson Reuters“. The Times H.E. 2010 ranking will be announced only on Sept. 16!
  4. The best Universities of the world outside the US are public institutions. Their cost for students is tens of times lesser than US equivalents!
  5. The University of Puerto Rico is nowhere to appear on said ranking. As biased as the ranking must be, the no-show is a significant fact. Perhaps the UPR is not the outstanding research & instruction institution it is portrayed to be.
  6. The aforementioned fact should not be interpreted by Puerto Rico Governor as an argument to shut UPR down.
  7. Bad and good news for Spain: its only universities in the ranking are a few from Catalonia!

Now, some numbers:

First Continental Europe Universities:

18. ETH Zurich, 89.28
32. Ecole Lausanne (EPFL), 82.27
33. Ecole Superieure Normale Paris, 82.09

These are good numbers for Europe. Famed NYU is 41, with 78.41 points.

Other famed Universities across Europe:

45. U. Copenhagen, 76.71

Then a big void…

148. U. of Barcelona,  54.28
176. U. of Bologna, 50.85
186. Sorbonne, Paris 4, 49.03
190. U di Roma La Sapienza, 48.41

Last US University among the top world 200 is Texas A&M, 198th place with 47.87 point.

Now, let’s wait for the **real** results to be published on September 16, by THE.

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