Wanted, but not Welcome

Wanted, but not welcome

This is the video presented some days ago in Milan, completely shot with migrants’ cellphones. It tells the hard story of people who escape their fate in Africa and try their fortune going north.
They first cross the Sahara desert on overstuffed trucks. Those who survive embark often on small rafts to cross from the shores of Libya to Italy. Those who survive may be “rescued” in international waters by Italian ships. But they ignore they will sent back to Libya, in force of current agreements. Those who get ashore unnoticed will begin living as clandestine; if they get caught they will be housed in awful, overpopulated camps until deportation.

Those most unfortunate who get shipped back to Libya will be brought out of the country, and left to survive, or die, at the desert border, back where they had begun their travels.

Watch the video: it’s strong enough, specially at the end, to shock our sensibility.

Wanted, but not welcome

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