My first pledge with Kickstarter was fruitful! And this REVERENCE project by Zana Brizki had me (and other 209 souls) on the verge of a nervous breakdown until the very last minutes. You see, Zana had asked to raise $50,000 by 30 October 2010. If she succeded raising at least that amount she woul get funded, otherwise, well, no matter how much had her backers pledged to give, she wouln’t get one penny :-(…

Fortunately, in the end she got $50,015 and can now produce her much desired film project, a documentary-museum on the fabolous praying mantis. May I remind that Zana is the author of the Academy Award-winning documentary, Born into Brothels, and founder of the non-profit organization, Kids with Cameras. I am greatly honoured to help her produce her new film, especially since the amount I spent is sooo low, but also I am happy because this site Kickstarter rules!!! Go and check, my friends! You can get funded: supply one idea, and begin raising the money. Micro-backers from all over the world will help you achieve your dream. No risk for backer: if the proposal you’re backing does not get the minimum funding required, you will not be charged anything. GO, Zana, and rule!!

Enjoy her REVERENCE trailer!

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