Jacqueline Kennedy’s story(telling)

At a certain point of the first season of famed TV series Mad Men, there is a little video segment of Jacqueline Kennedy’s ad in Spanish for her husband’s 1960 presidential campaign.

All she says, including the fear of Communism, may be put today in a political ad, and that is very eerie. To me, it is fascinating to watch the personification of US aristocracy, with all her elegance and propriety and utmost beauty say all that, well, bullshit. According to the 60’s principles, Jacqueline doesn’t even say her name. She introduces herself with “La esposa del Senador John Kennedy” -Senator John Kennedy’s wife.

It’s a very powerful brand of storytelling.

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  1. Jim Groom says:

    Wow, and again, you are htting them out of the park these last posts. Go Antonio, go!!!

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