Radio Gnome on #ds106radio

My latest concoction for #ds106radio {ds as in Digital Storytelling 106} is a mix of Retro, Rock’n’roll and Italian-accented hybrid mixes from Zucchero (there’s one with Maná, another with Cheb Mami, and yet another with Sting). If you can’t really stay put sitting in your chair, I understand you: go dance.

The Retro part is “Enjoy Yourself” in the version choreographed for Woody Allen’s Everyone Knows I Love You”. Go ahead, it’s later than you think. The second Retro is Nancy Sinatra’s Bang Bang, of Tarantino’s memory -Kill Bill. Third Retro is Radio Gnome Invisible by Gong himself. I loved Gong and its lunar-shaped faces when I was 18. Fourth is Joan Baez singing in Italian an anti-Vietnam song, the title of which says “A boy who loved the Beatles and the Rolling Stones”. Last Retro, a Kitsch classic from Serge Gainbsbourg, sung this time by himself and Brigitte Bardot (not Jane Birkin as in the original).

The real good old R&R is from my beloved Patti Smith: Free Money (live, 1976) and a splendid version of Gloria (live, 1979).

Here’s the playlist in YouTube.

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