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Many tools help to collect books and articles’ metadata and create a bibliography. is the latest I found and it captures my attention because it is a very well done tool. First it can find books from all over the world. Second, it also helps to serach for DVD’s CD’s and articles. Then, simply, it helps build a bibliography, which can be exported or pasted into a document in many styles (APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.).

Find in a library with WorldCat

With tools like this, it’s of no use to learn how to format references. Since you will find your books, articles etc through a computer, you’ll have in no time a bibliography done with WorldCat!However, it really impresses me since it is the engine behind GoodReads, a site a recently discovered and which I like better then LibraryThing since, among other perks, it allows to easily get books from many countries and in many languages into your library.

This is a short tutorial on how to build a bibliography using WorldCat. Enjoy! Citations Tool

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