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Two nights ago I had the pleasure to listen to Yo Yo Ma and the Silk Road Ensemble performing in Central Park. They mounted up a Night at the Caravanserai, a show where we all participated of a night of stories to be told while resting on our Silk Road. A few NY public schools participated and 6-graders developed the stories to tell, while the orchestra performed sublime music. The children also acted out their stories, mixing languages and ideas and showing that a well-integrated, interdisciplinary project with music at its center is an effective way to push learning towards passion and understanding.

Aside from Yo Yo Ma’s magic cello, we enjoyed very much the performances of Bobby McFerring, of student soprano Emalie Savoy and the genius of Lil Buck, a street Jookin’ artist from Memphis, who choreographed and danced beautifully under Saint Saens’ The Swan‘s.

Enjoy the video, it really was magic. Power to the Music!!

Another, better video is here.

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