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I am not a Newyorker, so everything that happens a Sunday afternoon in Washington Square Park is for me a true happening. Today I got a rich menu: First the Crazy Piano Guy, who placed a Yamaha baby grand just below the great Arch and played. Enjoy the one video I posted, and check out his site. Fantastic!

Crazy Piano Guy

Street Flower

Then it’s the usual boardwalk drawing guy, with splendid flowers. Then, there is the rock’n’roll class with students young and old.

I use only my iPhone these days, even if it shoots at a very cheap 3M pixels. It is very portable, and the video quality is great. The other beauty of the iPhone are two apps I use sort of often on the road: Evernote to take the odd note of whatever, from a snapshot of a newspaper’s ad to a restaurant’s address. The other is GoodReads, which I use in bookstores to search & save info on the books I would like to have. It scans the bar-code of books and can store the book’s info in my to-read list.

Which is now augmented with a few more books:

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