Not your typical rock concert

Even though agnostic writers of the caliber of Nobel Prize winner Mario Vargas Llosa applauded the recent World Youth Days kermesse that was held in Madrid a few days ago, I am really quite of the opposite view. Not for religious reasons. Alas, entirely from mediatic & phillo-sophic reasons.

I din’t like the way religious mainstream has appropriated the modern rock iconography and mashed it up within their own imagery. The gorgeous photos shown here, from El País, seems exactly that, a glorious rock concert of the 70’s.

Sure, it’s all part of this neoliberal revanchism. Everything gets mixed up with everything else. At least, only some time ago, a leftists logo or slogan was left there, and nobody else dared use it for other political reasons. Not now. Soon, we’ll hear Springsteen’s tunes sung at Tea Party events.

Give us our imagery back!!!

O tempora o mores…

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